Keep Our Caucus Endorses Jonathan Johnson for Utah Governor

Keep Our Caucus is endorsing Jonathan Johnson for governor of Utah.

Here’s why: Jonathan…

  • Publicly called for and signed a pledge to repeal SB54 (the bill that has produced the mess we are in);
  • Participated in the caucus-convention process without buying signatures (though he was very able to do so);
  • Supports a constitutional amendment to protect free political association;

While we approached Gov. Gary Herbert multiple times, and he was always willing to talk to us, he simply refused to lead out on this key issue: preserving Utah’s caucus-convention election process. In fact, Herbert has done more to hurt  the grassroots system than help it.

Despite numerous calls from Utah citizens to veto the bill, Gov. Herbert signed SB54 into law. Gov. Herbert then spent over $100k to buy signatures, circumvent the caucus system, and secure placement on the ballot regardless of the convention’s outcome.

Regarding SB54, Johnson said, “It insulates incumbents and favors candidates with the most money. It diminishes the voice of rural Utah. As governor, I will work to repeal SB54. In Utah, a ballot position should never be for sale.” After eight years, Utahns can’t afford a ‘pay-for-play’ governor anymore.

Jonathan has listened to Utah communities and demonstrated the right principles and competence to LEAD. Please join us in electing him Utah’s next governor.

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Gubernatorial Candidate Jonathan Johnson Signs “Keep Our Caucus” Pledge to Repeal Senate Bill 54

SALT LAKE CITY—May 25, 2016—Utah Gubernatorial candidate Jonathan Johnson signed the Keep Our Caucus pledge to repeal Senate Bill 54.

“After calling for a repeal of the law earlier in the year, Johnson signed the “Keep Our Caucus” pledge to do just that if elected governor. The pledge is being offered to both gubernatorial candidates and those running for the state legislature. Gary Herbert is on record saying he should have vetoed SB54 but has yet to sign the pledge.

The text of the pledge reads as follows: “Whereas Senate Bill 54 oversteps the right of free association and diminishes the voice of all Utahns, I pledge to support and sign legislation to repeal the law during the first legislative session of 2017 and thereafter, if elected governor of Utah.”

During the signing, Johnson said, “I am honored to sign this pledge stating I will work to repeal SB 54. As it stands now, the Count My Vote compromise seeks to gut the caucus-convention system. It insulates incumbents and favors candidates with the most money, and it diminishes the voice of rural Utah. SB 54 has created a process that allows candidates to buy a secure spot on the ballot. A ballot position should never be for sale.”

Keep Our Caucus Director Brandon Beckham said the grassroots of Utah are pleased that Johnson has led out on the issue. “We are excited that someone running for governor is actually listening to Utah citizens and following through with actions. The current governor has given us lip service while appealing to his big-cash lobbyists. Average Utahns can’t compete with that. Jonathan has demonstrated he’s not playing that game.”

Jonathan's SB54 Pledge Signed


Keep Our Caucus Responds to “Count My Vote” Deal with the Utah State Legislature

SALT LAKE CITY—March 3, 2014—Pro-Utah Caucus-Convention group “Keep Our Caucus” responds to the deal reached between Count My Vote (CMV) and the Utah State Legislature.

“CMV has spent over $880,000 to dismantle Utah’s Caucus-Convention System. In their attempt to gather the necessary voter signatures for the initiative to be on the 2014 ballot, they have hired out-of-state employees who are paid-per-signature collected,” explained Keep Our Caucus Director Brandon Beckham. “These outside special interest groups are employing aggressive, fraudulent tactics to meet CMV’s signature quota, while deceiving Utah citizens at every step.”

LaVarr Webb, CMV Executive Committee Member, announced on KSL Radio’s Doug Wright Show that CMV had over 100,000 signatures and was confident the petition drive would be successful. The CMV campaign’s recent “closed-door” deal with the Utah legislature proves otherwise. Sponsored by Senator Curt Bramble, SB 54 is not only an overreach of legislative power, but was also CMV’s chief goal since day one, to carve out an alternative path to the Primary ballot and circumvent the Caucus-Convention System to ensure wealthy politicians win elections in Utah.

As Utahns become aware of CMV consequences, backlash is mounting due to the following reasons:

• CMV won’t achieve signature requirements: approximately 102,000 signatures required from 26 out of the 29 senate districts as mandated by Utah law (to date, a majority of signatures are from Salt Lake County only);

• CMV petition is under threat of challenge by legal firm hired by Utah GOP State Central Committee (SCC); Independent legal counsel, Chris Troupis, presented brief to SCC on March 1st proposal unconstitutional based on First Amendment (meaning SB54 is also unconstitutional);

• CMV signature-gatherers used fraudulent practices to entice voters to sign petition, diminishing petition’s credibility and driving requests to remove signatures from the petition;

• Financial backing of the CMV effort is drying up due to diminishing support and credibility.

“Although a majority of Utah lawmakers support and want to preserve the Caucus-Convention System, including Senator Bramble and House Representative Dan McCay, we do not support SB4,” continued Beckham. “Nor, for that matter, do we support any legislation or state action that undermines the right of every American to freely associate within a political party based on their beliefs, as protected under the United States Constitution.”

Keep Our Caucus — The Next Steps

We did it!

An overwhelming majority (more than 95%) of 3,796 delegates in attendance at Utah Republican Party State Convention voted for the resolution to defend our party’s constitutional rights by legally challenging Senate Bill 54.  It wouldn’t have been possible without your help! We fully support the party moving forward decisively and prudently to defend our rights.

What is next?

Three critical tasks now lie ahead of us:

  1. Educating voters in general about the benefits of Utah’s Caucus System
  2. Informing the public about how Senate Bill 54 violates rights and reduces freedoms
  3. Raising funds for the distribution of educational materials and the legal battle.

We need your continued support!

Please donate today to help preserve the Utah’s Caucus System for tomorrow!

To educate delegates, our team produced an informational “Caucus Booklet” for the convention; the booklet was a huge hit, and is now available to the public.

We are making a difference. With your help, our team will distribute the Caucus Booklet, new yard signs, additional materials and media spots to help the public understand the value of the Caucus System and what’s wrong with Senate Bill 54.

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